February 12, 2016


'Powerpuff Girls' Reboot Debuts First Clip: Watch

The high-flying Powerpuff Girls are back from obscurity, and the first clip from the series reboot has officially dropped. Cartoon Network uploaded the video to YouTube today, which features Chris Parnell as the villainous Manboy, a gruff-looking lumberjack-type who's intent on reshaping the city of Townsville into Mansville—a place where only men live. 

As viewers can see in the clip above, the Powepuff Girls aren't too keen on the manly makeover awaiting Townsville, so they give Manboy a walloping. Powerpuff fans have been waiting for the series' triumphant return for a year now: Cartoon Network first announced the reboot in February 2015, and noted that the series would finally air in spring of 2016 as a "brand-new, re-imagined series about three girls juggling school and saving the world before bedtime."

We can't wait.