February 9, 2016


Rancid's Tim Armstrong Guest-Starred on 'The X-Files' Last Night

Ed Araquel/FOX
Ed Araquel/FOX

On Monday night (Feb. 8), The X-Files' limited-edition revival went punk. 

The episode was called "Home Again," and 50-year-old Rancid singer/guitarist Tim Armstrong played a guy whose dark thoughts (and artistic creation) came to life in the form of a terrifying, giant, murderous creature who actually tore people limb from limb, then recycled some of their parts and threw the rest into the back of a garbage truck before climbing in with them and letting the compactor have at it. The tearing was over-the-top gross...he just ripped the first victim's arms right off his torso.

The Trashman, as Armstrong was known, wasn't really a villain, it turned out. He was an artist concerned about homeless people, inadvertently manifesting a creature who came to life and took grisly revenge on people mistreating or profiting from the homeless. When the beast was done killing, it disappeared.

Mulder and Scully are as awesome as ever in the reboot. Scully won the episode with the line, "You're a dark wizard, Mulder," delivered affectionately during a quiet moment together. It's sad that there are only two new X-Files episodes left; hopefully they prolong the revival.

Watch a behind-the-scenes "Home Again" clip, featuring an interview with Armstrong: