February 12, 2016


'Orange Is The New Black' Actress Ruby Rose Calls Out Kanye West

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Getty Images

After yesterday afternoon, every pop culture-loving person on earth has developed an opinion on Kanye West. As of this morning, those opinions probably reflect a Twitter talk the rapper went on, discussing the very controversial lyric where he claims to have made Taylor Swift famous. There's some sex stuff in there too, which you can read all about here.

Anyway, Tay's apparently good buds with Orange is the New Black actress Ruby Rose, who went in on West yesterday. She tweeted about his rape apologist "BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!" tweet, and disses his condemnation of former girlfriend Amber Rose. She also showed support for her girl T:

She even called out a naysayer who tried to invalidate her opinion but using her position on a wildly popular television program? We don't even know, man:

We'll see if Kanye bites back. In the meantime, flip through our complete guide to his The Life of Pablo album and read our 11 takeaways from our trip to his T.L.O.P. event at Madison Square Garden.