February 21, 2016


'The Simpsons' Mocks The 2016 Presidential Election in New Clip: Watch

The 2016 presidential primaries have been a case-study in political slandering. From Hilary Clinton's relationship with Wall St. to Ted Cruz' birthplace and Jeb Bush's withered-husk-of-a-campaign, candidates from across the divide have sought to lambast their opponents in every way imaginable. And apparently this is all really upsetting Marge Simpson. 

The Simpsons released "The Debateful Eight" on Saturday. It's a clip that shows the wholesome Marg having very real nightmares about the cruel things candidates have said about their counterparts. She wakes up hyperventilating and exclaims to Homer that "basic manners are gone from politics." To soothe her, Homer asks her to imagine a world in which “Republicans, Democrats and Donald Trump all get along.”

At Homer's words, Marge envisions a fantasy-world where all remaining presidential candidates respect and even cherish one another. The gang's all there: Rubio, Clinton, Sanders, Bush, Cruz, Carson and Kasich are joined by a break-dancing Donald Trump who spins upside-down on his greasy head-of-hair. The politicos even sing James Taylor's "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)," before everything unfolds and some of that requisite bad-mouthing resumes course, giving way to a physical brawl. The apex comes when Bush delivers a swift kick to Donald Trump's groin. Ba-Boom!