February 17, 2016


'The Simpsons' Plans Live, Televised, Motion-Capture Q&A With Homer

FOX via Getty Images
FOX via Getty Images

On May 15, The Simpsons will do it live. In a three-minute segment concluding a standard-issue episode, Homer Simpson will take live, topical questions from Twitter.

Homer's real-life voice, Dan Castellaneta, will do motion capture for the bit. "As far as I know, this is the first time that's been done by any animated show," showrunner Al Jean tells the Hollywood Reporter. "And Dan is a great improviser."

"The new element comes as broadcast networks continue to explore live broadcasts in a bid to prompt viewers to watch in real time," says THR, citing the success of Fox's Grease Live, which scored 12.2 million viewers.

Folks who've been dying to have an actual conversation with Homer Simpson can tweet questions hashtagged #HomerLive from May 1 to May 4. You'll notice that's about two weeks before the actual show. "For the record, Jean assured us that early Twitter deadline simply allows them to obtain usage permission from the tweeters," writes The Wrap, "not to prepare Homer’s animation." He also says his team will have tricks up their sleeves to "prove" that it's live.