February 12, 2016


Three 'Transformers' Sequels Coming in the Next Three Years


In December, Transformers: Age of Extinction star Mark Wahlberg confirmed that he'll be back for Transformers 5, reportedly director Michael Bay's final journey at the helm. Now we know exactly how soon.

So T5 will drop next summer. Less than a year later, we'll get, to quote DJ Khaled Mohamed Khaled, ANOTHER ONE. And then...well, check out the annual schedule for the next three movies, which started in 2007:

Transformers 5: June 23, 2017
Transformers 6: June 8, 2018
Transformers 7: June 28, 2019

Transformers 8 has also been confirmed, although it's not yet dated. The Fast and Furious franchise recently made a similar move, announcing dates for its eighth, ninth and 10th installments. Those will be two years apart, none of this Transformers craziness.

Movieweb has written that the next Transformers will reportedly "take place on both earth and in space, as [Optimus] Prime hunts down the Quintessons." Deadline notes that a year ago Paramount "put Akiva Goldsman in charge of a writer’s room which would crank out these next three Transformers movies." Goldsman won the Oscar for Best Screenplay in 2002 for A Beautiful Mind. His writing credits also include I, Robot, The Da Vinci Code, Fringe and (yikes) Batman & Robin. He hasn't yet scripted a Transformers movie.

Transformers' first four films have earned a total of $3.8 billion globally. In 2014, Mark Wahlberg once said it's "probably the most iconic franchise in movie history.”