March 28, 2016


Zayn Malik Shares A Story of Forbidden Love In Sexy 'It's You' Video

Zayn Malik is back with a new tune. His first solo single, "PillowTalk" scored the British babe his first ever No. 1 on the Hot 100, a surprising feat his former boy band One Direction never claimed. It was a sexy and cool R&B-leaning song that brought up comparisons to the Weeknd. Malik's girlfriend supermodel Gigi Hadid starred in the video...basically, everything about Zayn in 2016 is grown up and sensual. 

He's continuing on in that tradition with the Frank Ocean-influenced "It's YoU." Today, the English singer dropped a black and white video for the tune.

The entire clip moves slowly, as if time froze. Zayn is seen navigating a gorgeous house. His love interest is seen doing the same—only at separate times, in separate places. Near the end it looks like they're finally going to get together until the woman drives away. Unrequited, forbidden love much?

Malik truly is our Romeo. When you're done watching the video, click through our list of the 16 pop albums we need to hear like, right now.