February 26, 2016


Zayn Malik & Lil Wayne Remix 'PillowTalk'

Getty Images
Getty Images

As you are well aware, Zayn Malik, formerly of One Direction super boy band fame has embarked on a solo career that sounds nothing like the glorious teen pop of his past. He's all sexy and R&B-leaning these days and it's working: His first single "PillowTalk" topped the Hot 100. It's a banger that's gotten the attention of everyone, including rapper Lil Wayne, who remixed the tune with Malik. 

Listen to it here.

The song becomes exponentially more explicit, but like, in a great way. Weezy really has fun with the "fucking and fighting" line. 

This is especially good news considering the Internet seems to think Malik stole his album artwork from the rapper. They're all good, guys! 

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