March 24, 2016


Reporter Pays Tribute to Phife Dawg, Spits A Tribe Called Quest Lyrics Live on Air: Watch

Tributes for the late rapper Phife Dawg—who passed away Tuesday (Mar. 22) following a battle with Type 1 Diabetes—have been expressed by scores of performers and fans, including Atlanta's very own rhyme-saying traffic reporter, Mark Arum.

Arum managed to spice up his morning coverage with a few of the MC's most iconic bars, using Phife's lyrics to describe traffic conditions. It's a feat which proves the reporter's allegiance to A Tribe Called Quest and knack for being a colossal fan-boy. Watch the video above. 

As Vulture points out, Arum's ability to blend Phife's silky verses with boring traffic reports works impeccably well. ATCQ's music—both commercially successful, groundbreaking and lyrically inventive—provides an apt preface for your morning commute, and for this, we have no one but Arum to thank.