March 21, 2016


Watch Adele Try Her Best at Twerking During a London Concert

Just when you thought you couldn't love Adele any more, the cheeky singer has now debuted her first twerk session—well, kind of. During her London tour stop at the O2 arena over the weekend, Adele tried her very best to shake that booty.

“I think I just twerked!" she excitedly told the crowd as she attempted to drop it low in her sparkly black gown. But unfortunately, the artist is still new to the twerking game. “I can’t do it that well. My whole body has to move," she said.

After a second hilarious attempt, Adele joked "my bum could break my back, it’s so enormous." (I totally feel you, girl.) Let's hope the twerk-loving Rihanna and Nicki Minaj can give their fellow pop star some pointers on stage...maybe at this year's Glastonbury perhaps? Now that would be a sight to see!