March 7, 2016


Watch Alessia Cara's New 'Wild Things' Video

Alessia Cara's new video for "Wild Things" is pretty tame--no drama, no glamour, no partying. We all know she hates that. Instead, she opens up the Aaron A-directed clip by describing what a "wild thing" actually is: a creative type that doesn't conform to the cool-kid lifestyle.

But by shunning the party scene (which she detailed thoroughly in her debut single, "Here"), she, in turn, becomes the cool kid. The video shows AC chillin' with her fellow wild things, taking photos, playing guitar, giggling while loitering around their neighborhood, etc. And suddenly, that looks like the most fun in the world.

Watch the new video for "Wild Things" above, and then watch her running around her neighborhood again in the self-directed "I'm Yours" video, below.