March 30, 2016


‘Alien Day’ to Feature Nationwide Screenings, New Products


Alien Day is coming next month to terrorize humans…and remind them of a classic 1979 film!

Ridley Scott’s landmark sci-fi film is coming back to theaters on April 26, Twentieth Century Fox has announced, with tons of commercial tie-ins. According to IGN, Reebok will release the Alien Stomper worn by Ellen Ripley and the mid tops worn by the Android Bishop. Meanwhile, Dark Horse Comics will release exclusive covers for its ongoing Aliens series, and there will be an Alien Day Twitter trivia contest on April 26.

Jeffrey Godsik, president of Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products, said:

“We noticed that fans of the Alien films were starting to rally around the calendar date of April 26th—given the connection to the planet LV-426. Quite simply, it gave us the idea to do something special on this day; to officially mark the occasion alongside fans and to build excitement online, in stores and once again, in theaters.”

Prometheus, a prequel to Alien, was directed by Scott and released in 2012. A new film, Alien: Covenant, is expected for 2017.