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15 Emo & Pop-Punk Hits For Your Alternative Prom Playlist

Going to the biggest night of your high school career but don't like what the normies listen to? We know the feeling! Here are the songs you need to make it a magical evening

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Blink-182, "I'm Lost Without You"

When you think of Blink-182, you probably think of high-energy, pop-punk party tunes. While that's totally their bread and butter, the So-Cal dudes are no one-trick pony. Their 2003 self-titled record contained a bunch of gems, including the underrated slow-dance tune, "I'm Lost Without You." You're going to want to stare deep into your partner's eyes for this one.

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My Chemical Romance, "Teenagers"

Think of busting out My Chemical Romance's "Teenagers" as a political move. Your teachers are probably terrified of you already, so, whatever. You wanna dance, you wanna have a good time...why not freak everyone out while you do it?

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Taking Back Sunday, "MakeDamnSure"

Taking Back Sunday are a great prom band because they have the incredible ability to appease both the emo kids and everyone else. The power of some freakin' great hooks, man! Anyway, if you're gonna go the TBS route, go "MakeDamnSure." 

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Paramore, "Misery Business"

The song that made Paramore is also one that will get those hips a-shakin'. "Misery Business" might be something of a catty tune, but, like, what's cattier than the high school experience? The music video even takes place in a school hallway. It's almost too perfect for prom.

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Good Charlotte, "The Anthem"

You've got to have one banger on here, right? Good Charlotte's "The Anthem" is, well, an anthem for those of us who never quite fit in. If this is alt-prom, this has to be on your playlist.

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State Champs, "Secrets"

We said more than one banger, so here's numero two. State Champs bring this pop-punk playlist into the 21st century, "Secrets" is sure to open up that pit.

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Green Day, "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)"

You'll probably hear Green Day's classic "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" at least a thousand times during graduation, might as well adjust your ears at prom. Plus, it's just a great song, so why not?

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Jack's Mannequin, "Dark Blue"

Prom can't be all guitars and nasally male vocals (though we'll never tired of the latter.) If you wanna slow things down a bit, look to our guy Andrew McMahon and his second major musical project, Jack's Mannequin. The song that put JM on the radio radar was "Dark Blue," and 10 years later, it still holds up.

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Dashboard Confessional, "Hands Down"

Continuing on the sad boy vein is Dashboard Confessional. "Hands Down" is a not-cheesy song that's totally makeout ready.

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The Used, "Blue and Yellow"

The Used are known for writing really theatric songs cloaked in ugly-pretty moments: One minute, frontman Bert McCracken is reaching an unexpected note, the next, he's screaming it, forcing it down and out of his throat. "Blue and Yellow" is the latter, but even more delicate. If you want to get close to that special someone, this is the way to do it.

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Dave Melillo, "Knights of the Island Counter"

...Or maybe this is the way. Dave Melillo's "Knight of the Island Counter," along with ALL of Dave Melillo's songs are hopelessly romantic. They tell stories, too, like the kind you'll make at prom night listening to this sensitive single.

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Against the Current, "Another You (Another Way)"

Another newer act that's gotta make it your prom! Against the Current are basically high-school aged, so it makes sense from the get go. "Another You (Another Way)" is probably the most sentimental of the YouTube-bred band's original repertoire (everything they write is, like, a total banger) and will work in this high-energy playlist.

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Tonight Alive, "Drive"

Tonight Alive hail from Australia, so we're not totally sure if they even have prom there but, like, they should. If prom scenes in high school movies were still a thing a la American Pie, we could see the guy getting the girl to "Drive."

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Halsey, "Colors"

The more rockin' version of Taylor Swift's "Red" is Halsey's "Colors." We've given you a lot of punk releases to spin, but not enough pop. The Badlands singer couldn't traditionally be described as "emo," but there's a certain alt-edge to the lady that we just can't ignore.

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Straylight Run, "Existentialism on Prom Night"

It's in the damn title, friends. Duh.


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