March 8, 2016


Ariana Grande Teases ‘Dangerous Woman’ In Victoria’s Secret Special

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“Dangerous Woman,” Ariana Grande’s next single off of her third album, is set to arrive on Friday, March 11. 

Grande has been revealing snippets of new work on her social media accounts, but we’re about to hear something more substantial from her on Wednesday, March 9. Victoria's Secret announced that they’ll be previewing the single “Dangerous Woman” during their Swim Special broadcast.

The Instagram clip below says that a sneak peek of the title track of her next album will play while model Candice Swanepoel walks the runway. From what can be heard of the lyrics in the clip, Grande is singing about somebody “who makes me wanna do things that I shouldn’t.” 

The Victoria’s Secret Swim Special airs Wednesday (March 9) on CBS. Watch the preview below and check out the complete rundown of Ariana Grande’s next album here.