March 19, 2016


Babymetal Releases Wild & Heavy Video for 'Karate': Watch Here

Babymetal is back with an extremely raucous video for the single "Karate," and it should knock you on your ass, just like a swift roundhouse kick would. The song has the grooves and punishing heaviness to give the ancient martial art a whole new meaning. Watch the cutesy but also raging video above.  

"Karate" is the lead single from Babymetal's forthcoming sophomore LP, Metal Resistance, which drops April 1. The band teased the video for "Karate" by way of an album trailer last month, and promises to release its first song in English when Metal Resistance pummels the airwaves upon release. Since the band is no stranger to playing massive, sold-out venues, you can expect Babymetal to perform at an arena near you in the coming months. Just bring earplugs. 

Below, watch Babymetal slay a giant live show in Japan: