March 28, 2016


Does This 'Batman v Superman' Deleted Scene Reveal the 'Justice League' Villain?

Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube
Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube

So...a deleted scene from the newly released Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice might have just hinted at a mega-villain coming soon to an even bigger DC franchise.

On Monday (Mar. 28), Warner Bros. celebrated its massive Batman v Superman box office haul by giving fans a 44-second deleted scene that may or may not reveal a big baddie coming soon. WARNING: spoilers ahead!

In the clip, we see Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor get captured by a SWAT team while kneeling in some Kryptonian sludge. Pretty boring! But that’s ignoring what the special forces sees before Luthor: an alien creature seen holding three gray cubes, who dissolves and disappears upon being discovered.

According to Comic Book Resources, this character is likely Steppenwolf, a member of Darkseid’s Elite (Bruce Wayne has visions of Darkseid throughout Batman v Superman). The deleted scene explains how Luthor ends up in custody by the end of the film, and why he keeps blathering on about the arrival of Darkseid in his final scene.

So who is Steppenwolf? An immortal that uses Mother Boxes (those three gray cubes) for intergalactic teleportation, among other things. With Luthor foreseeing the invasion of Darkseid, expect to see lots of Steppenwolf in The Justice League Part One, due out in November 2017.