March 4, 2016


'Batman v Superman' Saving Jena Malone's Secret Character for R-Rated Edition

Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Comics
Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Comics

We learned a couple weeks ago that Batman and Superman are each due for a debut R-rated movie appearance this year. A more adult-ified cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will appear on the DVD and Blu-ray release of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel follow-up, which is set for a March 25 release.

Entertainment Weekly notes in a new article that the "Ultimate Edition" will feature "even more brutal fight scenes as well as additional hints at future films." There's also a very specific wrinkle to it: Jena Malone's still-unrevealed character will only appear in the R-rated extended version.

Last summer, rumors swirled that Malone would play, as ScreenCrush wrote:

"...Barbara Gordon, the daughter of police commissioner Jim Gordon, who eventually becomes the vigilante Batgirl and after that the hacker/computer genius known as Oracle (she’s back to being Batgirl again in the comic books because comic books)."

Other speculation had Malone playing a female Robin.

Watch the final Batman v Superman trailer right here, then listen to Fuse's Back of the Class podcast discussion about the R-rated version and superhero movies for adults. The segment kicks off at the 25-minute mark below: