March 26, 2016


Save Your Sad Affleck Memes: 'Batman v Superman' Wins Big at the Box Office

Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Comics
Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Comics

Yes, Ben Affleck had a major case of the sads when he heard that critics were running—not walking—out of screenings of his new superhero epic, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Yes, this clip makes for a highly hysterical meme as more and more people see the movie, which pits Affleck's Bruce Wayne against Henry Cavill's Clark Kent in a superhero battle for the ages. And yes, Affleck, Cavill and the rest of the Batman v Superman crew are set to have the last laugh, because the movie is in the midst of raking in a ton of potentially record-breaking dough on its opening weekend.

The numbers are in for Batman v Superman, and it looks like the film has brought in a cool $82 million between its late-night Thursday screenings (which amounted to a staggering $27.7 million in ticket sales) and Friday showings.

According to Entertainment WeeklyBatman v Superman's opening weekend performance could net them a new record by Monday morning: if it keeps packing theaters, it's on track to score the titles for both the biggest opening for a March release and the most massive big-screen adaptation of a DC comics story, as it could knock The Dark Knight off its hard-earned pedestal.

We'll update with the final opening weekend numbers as they're reported, but in the meantime, get your Sad Affleck laughs below, and go see if Batman v Superman is a must-watch epic or a must-skip disappointment yourself.

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