March 23, 2016


'Game of Thrones' Season 6 Promises Biggest Battle Scene Yet


Game of Thrones will continue to up the ante in terms of TV battle-scenes, and will reportedly showcase its most epic clash of warring, bearded armies when it returns for season six next month. Thrones writer-producer Bryan Cogman told Entertainment Weekly that a forthcoming battle-sequence between yet-unnamed characters is "definitely the biggest" skirmish to ever take place on the show. 

Speaking with EW, Cogman makes it seem that the show's previous battle-scenes—which engulf the average TV screen with a vortex of fantastical carnage—aren't really that crazy:

“We’ve always wanted to get to a place—story-wise and budget-wise and time-wise and resource-wise—where we would be able to do a proper battle, with one army on one side, one army on another side.”

As correctly EW notes, Game of Thrones is television's standard-bearer of the epic, sword-singing war-scene, so it's curious—if not a little unbelievable—to imagine what might qualify as a "proper" battle-sequence in Cogman's mind. 

Oh well, anyone with an HBO subscription will find out when the Emmy-winning series returns on April 24.