March 11, 2016


Watch Birdy Transform into a Mermaid for her 'Wild Horses' Video

Birdy has released another taste of her upcoming album, Beautiful Lies, in the form of a new music video for "Wild Horses." The visual shows the U.K. singer-songwriter's true artistry, as she transforms into a ethereal mermaid as the heartstrings-tugging uptempo track plays in the background.

When we spoke to the artist, she dove into how her new album is a coming-of-age project:

"For me, it's just growing more confident as a person and learning my opinions a bit more. I feel like when you're younger, you don't really know what you want completely. And so on this album I felt like I knew what I wanted, which was amazing."

Look out for Birdy's third studio LP Beautiful Lies, the follow-up to her eponymous 2011 debut and 2013’s Fire Within, on March 25. Check out our full interview with the singer in our latest episode of Pop Chat here.