March 9, 2016


Björk Already Working on New Album, Which Will Be Like 'Paradise'

C Flanigan/WireImage
C Flanigan/WireImage

Björk's Vulnicura was a sweeping, mesmerizingly depressive tribute to her breakup with former partner Matthew Barney. Co-produced by Arca and The Haxan Cloak, Vulnicura set something of a new precedent for albums dealing with emotional grief, so one might expect a follow-up record to release on a slower timeline than usual. 

Not so! Björk revealed Monday that she's already at work on a direct follow-up to Vulnicura, and that her newest project will err on the side of lightness, rather than emotional anguish and such. 

In an interview with AnOther Magazine, the Icelandic singer said that she's "writing my next thing." She also added in typical Björk parlance that "I'm still allowing myself to be a submarine," whatever that may mean. 

Björk adds in the interview that she's working with the same production team, and that three new songs have been completed. The overall feel of the new music, the singer adds, is one of "paradise" or "utopia."