March 16, 2016


Hey, Bring Me the Horizon: Maybe Warn Us If Your Video Has a Dog Getting Shot in the Face?

Chiaki Nozu/Getty Images
Chiaki Nozu/Getty Images

Bring Me the Horizon's new video "Follow You"—embedded far, far down at the bottom of this post—opens with anarchy, riots and the words, "Love is blind, deaf and fucking dumb." Cool. In less than a minute we're inside a living room with a graphically shotgun-splattered face being licked by a golden retriever. Next, the dog gets its own head blown open by a mailman who's packing his own gun.

What the fuck.

"Follow You" premiered on Blabbermouth without a NSFW warning or a single mention of the horrifying violence within—or any description at all. The video's co-directed by frontman Oliver Sykes and Frank Borin, who has also worked with 5 Seconds of Summer. Sykes has appeared in PETA ad campaigns and been written about as both a vegan and a dog-rescuer.

As the video goes on, at least a dozen more people are killed—most of them by headshot—as the violence makes its way around a picturesque neighborhood. At the 1:48 mark, a group of young people of color execute five kneeling, pleading white policemen. It might pass as shocking social commentary if there was any cohesion or message here—and if it wasn't immediately followed by a screaming woman trapped in a car being obliterated by psychos with crowbars and sledgehammers. When they've had enough, they just detonate her. Through it all, a happy guy with headphones sings Bring Me the Horizon's song. 

BMTH have captivated our interest with their smooth transition from metalcore band to genre-spanning trendsetters, but this is an immense misstep. Sykes, 29, tweeted, "See what the world will be like if trump wins," as if that note—which won't be seen by a massive portion of the guaranteed millions and millions of viewers—matters when completely divorced from the actual clip's presentation. The band's jokes on Twitter would've been a perfect place to specifically warn viewers, but...

Whatever. Here's the video. At least you've been warned.