March 12, 2016


Charlie Puth Says 'F--k You Justin Bieber' In Concert

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

UPDATE: Charlie Puth has responded to the Belieber backlash in the wake of the "fuck you" he sneered at a concert in Dallas last night. Puth took to his Twitter account to address the incident, formally apologize for the comment he made, and stressed that it was "meant to be lighthearted."

Original Post: Thanks to a clip from his concert last night in Dallas, there's absolutely no question about where Puth's loyalties lie when it comes to the ill-fated romance between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

In the middle of performing "We Don't Talk Anymore," his sentimental yet catchy as hell duet with Gomez, Puth took a break in between verses to hurl a "fuck you!" in Bieber's direction. The harsh call-out was met with cheers from the "See You Again" singer's fans, and Puth just kept plowing through the piano-laden groove of the track as though the insult was a part of the song all along.

Gomez and Bieber have long since called their relationship quits, but their break-up is still enough of a worthy conversation topic for their friends, apparently. Puth has been vocal about his adoration for Gomez since the release of "We Don't Talk Anymore," going so far as to tell Seventeen that he once had a crush on the pop singer. Puth apparently felt the need to say "Sorry" for his outburst with a series of apologetic tweets last night, but he's since deleted them all:

Watch the clip of Puth performing in Dallas above, and look through photos of Gomez and Bieber's happier times as a couple below.