March 30, 2016


Chris Brown Writes Appalling Things About Kehlani's Attempted Suicide

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for H&M
Michael Kovac/Getty Images for H&M

Chris Brown has shared a string of preposterously unprogressive opinions about the Kehlani/Partynextdoor news story that broke on Monday (Mar. 28) when Partynextdoor implied in an Instagram post that Kehlani had cheated on her boyfriend, Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving, with him. Following the news, Kehlani posted a photo from a hospital bed and let the world know that she had attempted suicide.

This is how Chris Brown reacted on Twitter:

Obviously the most egregious sentence here is "There is no attempting suicide," a bafflingly short-sighted declaration. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, for every suicide, there are 25 attempts. In his defense of his pal Kyrie Irving, Brown has completely disregarded an important mental health issue and stated that, if you attempt suicide, you are selfish or manipulative.

"No one was cheated on and I’m not a bad person," Kehlani wrote on Instagram in her caption about her suicide attempt, in which she admitted, "I wanted to leave this Earth." Instead of respect the enormity of such a statement, Brown has focused on a perceived love triangle and jumped to conclusions in defense of Irving. Without focusing on Brown's past transgressions, his slamming of Kehlani is wildly misogynistic. 

Speaking of which, some female artists have already started rallying against Brown's vile Twitter spree:

And Zendaya, whose current single "Something New" features Brown, appears to have unfollowed the R&B star on Twitter. For Brown, sadly, this type of dumbfounding Twitter spree is nothing new.