October 24, 2016


How to Dress Like Babymetal in 4 Easy Steps for Halloween

Getty Images/Various Sources
Getty Images/Various Sources

So, you love Babymetal's latest album, Metal Resistance and the too-cute talented trio are the only thing on your mind these days. It's understandable; we totally get it. 

Our fandom has reached new heights, too...we're even trying to dress like the J-pop/metal group for Halloween. Like, who wouldn't want to rock their adorable red and black uniform on the reg? You, too? Well, never fear, friends. We've figured out how you can DIY with their look. Click through, and happy cosplaying! 

#1Step 1: From Bottom to Top

Before you can rock all that tutu pizzazz and pleather armor, you gotta get boots and tights. It's a pretty simple foundation. Just remember: black on black on black. Black boots, black tights. You can really get either anywhere, but we recommend classic Dr. Marten's and ASOS nylons. You can never go wrong with a pair of those.

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