March 29, 2016


Crypt Keeper Returning for M. Night Shyamalan's 'Tales from the Crypt' Reboot

'Tales From the Crypt'/HBO Studios
'Tales From the Crypt'/HBO Studios

A couple months ago, we learned that M. Night Shyamalan was "curating" a TNT reboot of Tales from the Crypt. At the time, it wasn't clear whether the nightmare-bestowing host, that desiccated fellow known as the Crypt Keeper, would return.

But he will! Shyamalan confirmed the news to SlashFilm at WonderCon this week. Asked what to expect overall, he replied:

“You know, I can’t say 100 percent but I’m thinking right now, where I am, if you’d asked me this six months ago I would have a different answer, but where I am right now it’s more individual Black Mirror kind of stuff right now."

Black Mirror is a British anthology series where each episode explores a different near-future reality. It's amazing.

M. Night Shyamalan got back into people's good graces after some questionable films, somewhat, with his 2015 horror movie The Visit. The decade-long stretch beforehand, featuring Lady in the Water, The Happening, The Last Airbender and After Earth, wasn't pretty. Lately he's also been executive producing Fox's Wayward Pines, which has its second season coming in May.