March 18, 2016


Members of Backstreet Boys & 'N Sync Kill Zombies in 'Dead 7' Trailer


In a dystopian wild west overrun with zombies, only fearless gunslingers can save the weak. In Dead 7, an original movie from the Syfy network, those gunslingers are none other than your favorite '90s boy bands: The Backstreet Boys'N Sync98 Degrees and O-Town. 

If the trailer—which you can see at BuzzFeed—is any indication, Dead 7 sees the gentle pop-stars go rogue, firing through blood-thirsty zombies in a small country town. The Backstreet Boys dominate the cast: Nick Carter is the film's lead, and he's joined by Howie D. and A.J. McLean—who looks like a demented tough-guy mime. There's also 'N Sync–ers Joey Fatone—who plays a bearded, whiskey-swillin' desperado—and Chris Kirkpatrick. 98 Degrees' Jeff Timmons is also in the mix, along with just about every member of O-Town, because they need love too.

Dead 7 was produced by Nick Carter (hence his prominent role) and the same crew behind Sharknado, so we can expect hilarity and ridiculousness in the extreme. The movie premieres on Syfy on April 1 at 8 p.m. 

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