March 7, 2016


Deftones Debut ‘Doomed User’ Live: Hear The New Song

DeftonesGore album is quickly approaching, and over the weekend the alt-metal greats unveiled another new track from the forthcoming LP. 

“Doomed User” was debuted during Deftones’ first official live show on 2016, at California’s Musink festival. The performance precedes Deftones’ eighth album, due out Apr. 8 on Warner Bros.

“We changed the way we were writing and being creative,” keyboardist Frank Delgado told Fuse last month. “The last couple records we went in how we have been: we allot ourselves a certain block of time. We go in and write a record. This one, we went in and we'd write for three weeks, then we'd go home for three weeks. We were actually doing shows while we were writing so we'd book a couple shows, do some one-offs and we'd keep doing that. It stretched out way longer than normal.”

Listen to the album’s lead single, “Prayers/Triangles”: