March 4, 2016


Demi Lovato Brings 'Confident' & 'Stone Cold' to 'American Idol': Watch

Demi Lovato got some help powering through her hit single "Confident" on American Idol on Thursday night (Mar. 3), with the singing contestants helping the pop star take on the song before she swiveled to "Stone Cold."

The "Confident" performance was fun and frothy, but "Stone Cold" was the real show here. The third single from her Confident album is a blast to hear performed live, and has us anxiously awaiting her summer tour.

Speaking of which! Lovato talked about her upcoming Future Now tour alongside Nick Jonas. The pop singer says that she wants the arena trek to be "extremely interactive" when discussing the shows with Idol host Ryan Seacrest.

Lovato's Confident album was released last October, and since then, she's confidently blasted Donald Trump's candidacy. Click here for 12 more celebs who have done the same.