March 18, 2016


DJ Khaled Coaches Jimmy Kimmel on Snapchat & Cocoa Butter: Watch

Snapchat god DJ Khaled hit Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday night (Mar. 17) to give the ultra Internet-savvy host a Snapchat tutorial. Coach Khaled dished out major 🔑🔑🔑 s like proper angles and caption etiquette, plus some IRL beyond-Snapchat tips. 

"You can never run out of keys," Khaled said. Kimmel replied: "That's a lot of keys. It's like a high school janitor's keychain."

It also turned into a mini episode of Cribs, one where we saw Khaled's fruit snack collection and a big unopened bottle of Listerine.

Check out Fuse's archival interview with DJ Khaled; he talks about President Barack Obama endorsing his music and Drake being "the hardest artist to get on a record":