March 26, 2016


Watch Domo Genesis Roller Skate, Have More Fun Than You in Video for 'Dapper'

Domo Genesis has more fun than you do, and he has the video to prove it.

In "Dapper," he can be seen blissfully skating around the roller rink while rapping over a light, bouncing beat and wearing an amazing shirt that simply reads "do your chores." Tyler, the Creator also has his skates on, and makes some of his trademarked weird and gawking faces straight down the barrel of the camera.

When skating gets dull, Domo hooks up what appears to be a lawn mower engine to the back of a La-Z-Boy recliner, and cruises around in that. If that's not enough for you, Tyler comes back later with a jetski.

Altogether, it is probably the most surprisingly GIF-able music video of 2016 thus far.

Outside of the good times shown onscreen, this is also a peppy, dare I say positive song coming from the Odd Future member. In that regard, "Dapper" shows one of the great advantages of existing as a collective: you can show different sides and styles within your group. Tyler, the Creator can go eat cockroaches and get shot in the forehead in his videos, but still show up when Domo calls him because he rented out the roller rink.

Just remember kids: life is all about having fun.