March 1, 2016


Five Finger Death Punch Shares Powerful 'My Nemesis' Video

When we last checked in with Five Finger Death Punch, the metal band was taking home the Soldier Appreciation Award by the the Association of the United States Army—European Region. It's an honor gifted to those who support the troops and make their lives just a little bit easier, one last received by Elvis Presley

Apparently that's just the beginning of the band's caring spirit. Today they've shared a video for their new single "My Nemesis," and it's a powerful (at some points, disturbing) clip that shows a series of characters undergoing abuse or hardship, and eventually overcoming it.

The video serves as an interactive measure for the band's fans. FFDP writes:

"In support of the video and the song’s message of overcoming our struggles, 5FDP is encouraging fans to share their own “Nemesis” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by completing the phrase – "#MyNemesis is ________ and I will #OVERCOME” - Search the hashtag, comment and support your fellow 5FDP fans.

Fans can visit to see all of the fan responses and are encouraged to send a positive message to those that resonate with them personally."

The clip ends with a powerful message in text near the bottom of the screen: "Grief is an irreversible current of sadness when you miss your last opportunity to be there for someone." It serves as something of an ominous warning, but also a reminder to care for those you hold dear.

Watch it above. When you're done there, revisit an interview with the band at the 2014 Revolver Golden Gods Award Show, where FFDP talk about their love of AC/DC.