March 3, 2016


Watch 'Full House' Become a Cop Drama on 'Colbert'

Some Full House fans have criticized Netflix's new Fuller House for being overly cheesy (as if Full House wasn't the cheesiest show in the whole wide world). Well, the Full House guys are here to offer something a little grittier: Full House Nights, a (fake) new show debuted on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Bob Saget tells Colbert that the show will feature "drugs, sex, murder, murder-sex… lot of feet sticking out of dumpster-type stuff," and then we get a preview of the new reboot, featuring a bluesy version of the Full House theme. Danny Tanner and Uncle Jesse play some good-cop-bad-cop, but when Joey sits down, there's no time to mess around. "We know you're using the girls as drug mules," he declares… in a Bullwinkle voice.

Fuller House debuted on Netflix on Feb. 26, and fans will be happy to know that the not-gritty reboot already got renewed for a second season. You can check out the 25 greatest episodes of Full House here, because why wouldn't you?

Oh, and the Full House gang appeared with Jimmy Fallon-as-Donald Trump in late night last month. Watch that here.