April 11, 2016


The Complete Guide to Good Charlotte's 'Youth Authority'

Good Charlotte
Good Charlotte

Release Date

Good Charlotte's comeback album, Youth Authority, will drop July 15.

The Buildup

In November of last year, something magical happened. Pop-punk prodigies Good Charlotte announced their reunion. It was a short video tease hinting at a comeback, but there weren't very many details. 

Soon after, they announced a one-off gig at Los Angeles' famed Troubadour. Folks from around the globe flew in, unsure if it would be the last time they'd see their beloved GC. Apparently it was just to test the waters: Benji, Joel and crew soon joined All Time Low's massive U.K. tour after releasing "Makeshift Love," their first new tune in six years. They dropped a hilarious video, they announced a brief U.S. east coast tour...they essentially announced they're back in action.

We knew they were working on a brand-spanking-new album at the time, and on March 30, thanks to a short teaser on Apple Music, they gave us a release date. Good Charlotte's comeback record will drop July 15, 2016.

The band announced their album release date via Paper Magazine. In a statement given to the publication by the band, GC explained that the album art (see above) "uses pieces of real GC history—including old show flyers and pictures—and combining them with his own paintings, Brian came up with an incredible piece of imagery that we all love. We share an affection for a scene, many bands, and we both come from a world where great album covers, fanzines, and old show flyers ruled. This album cover really strikes chord in all of us."

The Music

We first heard "Makeshift Love" in November of last year, when the Good Charlotte guys released a star-studded video for the nostalgic-leaning tune (seriously, this bad boy could be on 2002's The Young and the Hopeless and it features Goldfinger's John Feldmann and My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way.) Watch it below!

In April 2016, we were given our next taste of Youth Authority with the retro track, "40 oz. Dream." It premiered via Zane Lowe's Beats 1 radio program on Apple Music and has Joel Madden singing lines like, "I ran outside to see it's not 2003/Turned on the radio, it's so confusing." The rest of the song continues in that tradition, acting as both a criticism of and nostalgic longing for past punk-rock lifestyles. It ends optimistically, as is the heart of Good Charlotte, but not before delivering a few powerhouse verses.

In the same week pre-order for the album went up, revealing the full tracklist. It begins with "Life Changes," recalling lyrics revealed in their 2015 profile in Rolling Stone: "You know they say that nothing lasts forever/You know they said we'd never stay together/It's a long way down/Can't turn back now/Going through these life changes." Wonder when we'll get to hear that one! Check out all the song titles and collaborators below.


Sleeping With SirensKellin Quinn: The frontman with the iconic leggero tenor vocal range is apparently featured on "Keep Swingin."

Biffy Clyro's Simon Neil: The British babe is credited on a track called "Reason to Stay."

John Feldmann: The genius who produced all the original Good Charlotte records (not to mention, All Time Low and 5 Seconds of Summer) is back at it for their comeback. Here's hoping for some of those loud Goldfinger drums.

Waterparks: The up-and-coming, too-cute-for-words Texas pop-punk band might've become Benji and Joel's first signing to their management company MDDN.co, but it looks like the guys are helping their industry fathers, too. In an interview at SXSW 2016, frontman Awsten Knight told FM.tv that his band laid down some backing vocals for the release. 


1.) Life Changes
2.) Makeshift Love
3.) 40 oz. Dream
4.) Life Can't Get Much Better
5.) Keep Swingin' (feat. Kellin Quinn)
6.) Reason to Stay (feat. Simon Neil)
7.) Stray Dogs
8.) Stick to Your Guns (Interlude)
9.) The Outfield
10.) Cars Full of People
11.) War
12.) Moving On
13.) Rise (Bonus Track)

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