March 10, 2016


The Ultimate SXSW Guide for the Broke, Badge-less & Underage

Kitra Cahana/Getty Images
Kitra Cahana/Getty Images

It's mid-March! Spring Break time, right? For the music world, it means we're all going on a group trip to Austin for South By Southwest, the week-plus-long convention dedicated to discovery. If you're also going, for fun or for work, you should probably check out our complete guide to the fest. It'll instruct you on what to wear, how to get around, where to stay...all the necessary evils.

But what if you just so happen to not be 21 yet? What if you didn't throw down the couple hundred dollars it takes to acquire a badge? What if you're totally broke? Well, my friends, we've got you covered. Click through to uncover all the great events you can still totally attend...even if you're underage, have a lackluster bank account and are going sans-credentials. SXSW is good like that: there's always something you can do!

Make sure you check out our list of the 30 acts you gotta see at this year's fest, too. The lineup is pretty amazing this year.

#1Tuesday, March 15

For daytime/afternoon shows, make sure to check out Waterloo Records. Every SXSW they build a giant stage outside the iconic music shop (not the mention the one inside the store) and showcase new, up-and-coming acts. Because it's a store and not a bar, they're all-ages...and free. On Tuesday, the first day of the music conference, you can catch Bayonne at 5:00 P.M. Don't forget it! Definitely make it a point to check out their lineups every day, it's great stuff.

The Museum of Human Achievement is also throwing an early gig. Check out this lineup! No badges, money or ID required:

1:00 P.M.: Ralph White
2:00 P.M.: More Eaze
3:00 P.M.: Smokey Emery
4:00 P.M.: Crown Larks
5:00 P.M.: Baby Blood
6:00 P.M.: Bad Luck
7:00 P.M.: Knest
8:00 P.M. Thor & Friends

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