March 22, 2016


Harrison Ford Plays Coy with Han Solo's Fate, New Indiana Jones Movie

When Harrison Ford exits one record-breaking franchise, he enters another record-breaking franchise. So was the case on Monday night (Mar. 21), when the actor stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss his (spoiler alert, sorta) death as Han Solo in Star Wars and rebirth as Indiana Jones for an upcoming fifth movie.

"You work for like 25 years for a company, you do your best, you show up every day, you do your job… and then they just let you go," Ford quipped, to which Kimmel responded, "In this case, they actually killed you!" When asked if Solo will somehow continue, though, Ford's lips are sealed. Could that death scene really not be a death scene at all?

Later, Ford discussed playing Indiana Jones for a fifth movie, as was announced last week. Ford and director Steven Spielberg will return for a fifth Indy feature, set for a summer 2019 release.

And when we say he "discussed" it, we mean that he "teased the heck out of" it. Watch below: