March 7, 2016


Former Hatebreed Drummer Found Guilty Of Murder

Hamden Police Department
Hamden Police Department

Former Hatebreed drummer Nick "Nickel P" Papantoniou has been found guilty of murder. 

The percussionist, who was in the band from 1996-1997 and departed before the group's beloved debut Satisfaction is the Death of Desire, has been convicted of felony murder, first-degree burglary and criminal possession of a firearm, according to the New Haven Register. The attack occurred in October 2014, the victim was 56-year-old Larry Dildy.

According to Alternative Press, co-defendant William Coutermash said he and Papantoniou went to Dildy's home in Hamden, CT with the intent of stealing pills and money. The drummer claims the gun went off in a hand-to-hand fight with Dildy and didn't know the shot was fatal until much later.

The sentencing will take place May 26. Papantoniou could face up to 90 years in prison.

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