March 14, 2016


Hudson Mohawke Threatens to Leak Kanye West and Drake Songs Over Unpaid Beats

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Getty Images

Hudson Mohawke made a huge threat last night after claiming Kanye West and Drake allegedly have not paid him for beats. “Literally about to release zip of kanye and drake songs I’ve done that I got [zero] for,” the producer (who recently worked on The Life of Pablo) said in a now-deleted tweet.

But of course the leak didn't happen yet; Mohawke's gotta know it's a tricky prospect to place himself in that legal bind—especially with two of the biggest rappers of the moment. Soon after the initial tweet, HudMo said his “wonderful friends n family”️ talked him out of releasing the unheard music and from "fully exposing frauds in this biz." Ouch.

Neither West (who's collaborated with HudMo often since 2015) nor Drake has yet to respond to the producer's allegations. But based on Yeezy's current love for Twitter firestorms, a statement may not be too far away!

Some of Mohawke's recent tweets: