March 24, 2016


Ice-T Voices Classic Cartoons, Invents the Phrase 'SpongeBob SquareD--k'

Ice-T is a guy who wears many hats, from being a serious actor to a father to a day-one hip-hop artist. But he'll always remain a straight up G at heart! During last night's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Ice-T showed off his voice-acting skills as he managed to make old cartoons a little more gangsta.

First up was the classic Peanuts show, where the rapper (whose voice was dubbed over a character) exclaimed “Yo, my man Charlie Brown is straight-up baked." Always keeping it real, that Ice-T!

Another hilarious highlight was a spin on Super Friends, with Ice-T (voicing Batman) telling his sidekick, “Man the fuck up, Robin, you little bitch.” Jimmy Fallon, The Roots and guest Don Cheadle couldn't hold in their laughs as Ice-T continued down the line with Duck Tales and Spongebob Squarepants (a.k.a. SpongeBitch SquareDick). 

This may have been just a late night skit, but we wouldn't mind if he made voice acting into a legitimate career!