March 19, 2016


Iggy Azalea Speaks Out About Her ‘Psychotic Breakdown’ Remark

During a radio interview with Carson Daly on 97.1 AMP, Iggy Azalea clarified her “psychotic breakdown” comment that was published in the British magazine Schön!. She said, “Well, not psychotic. I’m a bit of an exaggerator.” 

Azalea spoke up about her hectic 2015 with all the social media drama that resulted with her logging off:

"I think it can get a bit claustrophobic—this whole gossip thing that we have in the entertainment industry. It almost reminds me of a soap opera. It's like other people write your narrative for the soap opera and it is your real life and you might not want to have that storyline."

Azalea added that everything happening on social media only exacerbated her real-life issues: 

”I think it was very negative—just putting me in a dark place. I already had enough going on. I had a lot of stuff going on personally as well that wasn’t anything to do with who's dissing who or any of that kind of stuff. I had real life stuff going on on top of that."

Speaking with DJ J Cruz on The Cruz Show yesterday morning (March 18), the 25-year-old echoed similar feelings, saying that all of the Iggy-hate drove the artist to even consider suicide. 

Listen to the interview above.