March 31, 2016


What's Going On In Iggy Azalea's 'Team' Video? 12 Burning Questions


Hey, it's your girl, Emilee. I just wanted to check in to see if we're all on the same page about this new music video I just watched. Today Iggy Azalea released the visual for "Team," her lead single off the upcoming Digital Distortion. It's badass for the sake of being badass, with a recipe that's easy to follow: black bodysuit, formation dance breaks, a game face that can't be shattered, graffiti, etc. But I have some questions.

First, the video:

Now, my questions for Iggy.

1. Why can't I follow this storyline? Do I not understand art?

2. At the beginning, you're running from a bunch of people dressed in white. Is this a metaphor for something? Who are you running from? What have you done to them?

3. When you get into the airport, how do you possibly get past security with the aerosol cans? THEY EXCEED 3 OUNCES! Do you have a connection?

4. Why would you wear those shoes through airport security? Don't you have to take them off? Do you have TSA pre-check?

5. Who are these people with the pixelated faces? Are they digitally distorted? Like the name of your album?

6. Are the blurry-faced people versions of your past self? Are you running from yourself? #deep

7. Is the person you're running from Britney Spears? That blonde pony looks awfully familiar.

8. Why are you defacing a plane? Why is this necessary? Do you have a vendetta against the plane's owner? If so, aren't there better forms of revenge?

9. Why do you not reveal who your enemy is at the end? Why is there no sense of completion to this video? Will there be a Part 2 so all of this will make sense?

10. Is this black vs. white video about race relations?

11. Is this a video about facing your inner demons?

12. Why is none of this explained?

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