March 28, 2016


Ilana Glazer's 'Time Traveling Bong' Show Will Go Back To Meet Michael Jackson

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We're already pumped about Ilana Glazer's three-episode Comedy Central show, Time Traveling Bong, purely from its title. On Monday (March 28), the "Broad City" star gave Entertainment Weekly some teases about the show, which co-stars Glazer and Paul Downs, and casually mentioned that the late Michael Jackson will make a cameo.

No idea how that's gonna work... but now we're REALLY excited.

"We go the Salem Witch Trials, obvs. We meet Michael Jackson," Glazer tells the magazine. "We go to Paleo Times, which in real life, I’m like, 'I would kill it in Paleo Times. I would rule my tribe.' And then we go to the future."

Glazer labels the show as even dumber than Broad City and hopes that fans will be ready to see her without her other half, Abbi Jacobson. And if you need a comparison to a current program, Ilana jokes that she wants it to be the next American Crime Story.

"We want it to be Comedy Central’s O.J.," she says.

Check out Glazer's EW interview for more funny bits about the upcoming show, which premieres on April 20 (duh).