March 23, 2016


11 Twitter DMs Jason Derulo Probably Sent 5SOS After 2 Years

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On March 17, 2014, something amazing happened. Jason Derulo tweeted the then not-as-famous-but-still-super-famous Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer with "Hey!" We think he must've just heard "She Looks So Perfect" or something. The band responded not an hour later with "Hey man ! Whatsup?" It was met with silence.

Two years later, they decided to try their luck again with "Are you still there." It must've been a lack of punctuation that inspired Derulo to respond (maybe it felt threatening?), but rumor has it, he has, in fact, dropped 5SOS a line. You can track this whole process in the tweets below.

Now, there have been no screenshots posted, so we have no earthly idea what Derulo actually responded with, so we came up with some ideas/suggestions/thoughts. Jason, if you need to follow-up with 5SOS one more, please, feel free to use one of these:

1.) Sorry for the wait, I want(ed you) to want me

2.) A/S/L?

3.) Grabbing my Trumpets and we'll make some sweet ska.

4.) Did she really look so perfect standing there in your American Apparel underwear? That's fucking weird, dude.

5.) Do you have the Veronicas phone number?

6.) Y'all like to Talk Dirty?

7.) The Warped Tour 2016 lineup is sick!

8.) Michael, what color are you dyeing your hair next?

9.) Bros, you're famous, you can date girls that are more than Kinda Hot.

10.) See you at Coachella!

11.) Thanks for the follow.