March 13, 2016


Kanye West has Started Making Changes to 'The Life of Pablo'

GOOD Music/Def Jam
GOOD Music/Def Jam

An artist's work is never done.

It's a sentiment that's true for painters, poets and of course, Kanye West.

After the release of his latest album The Life of Pablo, Kanye made it clear that the project, while available to the ears of the Tidal-subscribing public, was still a work in progress, assuring his Twitter followers that "Ima fix wolves."

However, as Reddit user JayElect noticed earlier today, it is "Famous," not "Wolves" that is receiving the album's first edit in real time.

In his post, JayElect point out that two minor patches have been made to the track. Most notably, the line "She be Puerto Rican day parade wavin'” has been changed to “She in school to be a real estate agent.” Additionally, JayElect believes that the transition into the "Bam Bam" sample that occurs later in the song has been altered.

It's possible that more changes are coming, but we'll only know if we keep listening to the record, which (somewhat hilariously) means that anyone that signed up for a free month of TIDAL might be hanging on to that subscription for at least another month.

As the New York Times noted earlier this year, what Kanye is doing with this album, in terms of openly editing an album leading up to and now after its release, "makes for a fascinating close-reading experience."

We couldn't agree more.