March 19, 2016


Sydney Artist Makes Mural of Kanye West Making Out With Himself

Kanye West has previously been characterized as a narcissist, but he has also playfully acknowledged his self-aggrandizement. On his latest album The Life of Pablo, he even has a song titled “I Love Kanye,” in which he raps, “I love you like Kanye loves Kanye.” 

Australian artist Scott Marsh created a 20-foot mural depicting Kanye’s egomaniacal self-love. It’s based on a Photoshopped image of Ye making out with himself that made the Internet rounds last year.

According to Mashable, Marsh’s mural is situated in Sydney’s Chippendale neighborhood, on an outer wall of Zigi’s Wine & Cheese Bar. Marsh previously created a mural of the Notorious B.I.G. for the 19th anniversary of his death. 

Check out the photo above and read the complete rundown of Kanye’s next album.