March 20, 2016


Kanye West's New York 'Pablo' Pop-Up Shop by the Numbers

Lacroix Scott for Fuse
Lacroix Scott for Fuse

The last day of Kanye West's surprise 72-hours-only The Life of Pablo pop-up shop in downtown Manhattan—announced with a tweet—brought out (hopefully) the last blast of chill on the first day of spring and a crowd of Yeezy fans who were so excited for TLOP merch they were lined up down the block before sunrise. We got in line for five hours Sunday (March 20) to bring you the most interesting moments, by the numbers:

Number of people in line at 7 a.m.: 100

Number of people in line at 10 a.m.: 1,000 (don't bother)

Time the 7 a.m.-ers got in the shop: 1 p.m.

Amount of women in line: 10 percent

Amount of high school spring-breakers: 40 percent

Home city of the person who traveled the furthest in the 7 a.m. group: Seattle, WA 

Number of cops: 8

Number of cops who looked like Kanye: 1

Number of Kanye look-alike sightings: 4

Number of times Kanye himself came to bless us: 0

Number of times the crowd chanted "Kanye, Kanye!": 4

Jessica Letkemann for Fuse
Jessica Letkemann for Fuse

Number of Pablo sightings: 2

Number of times the crowd chanted "Pablo, Pablo!": 2 

Number of times Pablo was a friend of someone in the crowd: 

Number of TLOP  album sing-alongs: 2 

Number of Posie K Kylie kits sold in line: 1 

Cheapest item in the shop: $35 beanie 

Most expensive item: $400 denim jacket with hand-printed lyrics 

The estimated sales average between 1 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.: $450 per shopper 

Amount of time after shop opened Sunday before fans were reselling the merch at a steep markup around the corner: One hour 

Art and commerce, ladies and gentlemen.