March 6, 2016


Kanye West Approves of Tyler, the Creator's 'Freestyle 4' Bars

Tyler, the Creator decided to throw his own bars over Kanye West's "Freestyle 4" and they have now been blessed in Yeezus' name.

Since the release of Tyler's remix, featuring A$AP Rocky providing moral support, shoutouts, and turnt dancing, many (well, me at least) have been wondering what Kanye thinks of the track. Today, Yeezus answered the question:

Tyler's fascination with this song was documented by the Twittersphere well before the release of the Odd Future rapper's remix. Back in February, video came out of Tyler driving the streets as the song got him so hyped that you sort of wish he would pull over:

Thankfully, Tyler made it safely home and later, safely to the studio to drop absolute *flames emojis* on the track.

Tyler, the Creator wasn't the only one Kanye showed love to today though. Yeezy also sent out a shout of respect to fellow G.O.O.D. Music artist HXLT, whose self-titled debut came out in late February.