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Kesha’s 10 Best Deep Cuts & Album Tracks

We all know “TiK ToK,” “Die Young” and “Blow” rule, but Kesha has a ton of material that never made it to radio but is worth checking out. Here are 10 standouts!

1 / 10

Past Lives

The final song on Warrior doubles as a showcase for the gentler qualities of Kesha’s vocal delivery, as she duets with Wayne Coyne and declares, “I’ll make you mine, time after time.” With the album’s party over, this is the sweeping, sleepy-eyed sunrise.

2 / 10


The real star here is the racing percussion, which builds toward a technicolor release on the Animal finale, but Kesha handles the affirming kiss-off with ease.

3 / 10

Dirty Love with Iggy Pop

“You’re not my daddy! Baby, I’m full-grown!” Kesha seethes on this punk flare-up, which includes the pop star going harder than the rock legend as well as a hilarious Rick Santorum shout-out. After one tango with “Dirty Love,” it’s hard to imagine anyone in pop being more badass than Kesha.

4 / 10

Supernatural (Deconstructed Mix)

“Supernatural” is a solid album track on Warrior, but the Deconstructed remix of the track impressively collapses the synth buzz and gives Kesha’s subtle vocal take center stage. Indeed, this version is gloriously deconstructed.

5 / 10

The Harold Song

“I can’t handle it when I turn off my night light,” Kesha laments on this mid-tempo gem about a lost love. Before Warrior, Kesha was hinting at the depth her pop could achieve on the Cannibal standout “The Harold Song.”

6 / 10

All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)

A propulsive club thumper that fits snugly into the rest of Kesha’s single oeuvre, “All That Matter (The Beautiful Life)” should have been a hit in the same way that most songs from Warrior should have been hits.

7 / 10

Grow a Pear

“But I just can’t date a dude with a vag,” Kesha shrugs in “Grow a Pear,” an electro-pop ode to… well, you know. “When you grow a pair, you can call me back,” she continues. Got that, dudes? Good.

8 / 10

Love Into The Light

A somber beginning eventually gives way to a gorgeous hook about embracing love and rejecting hate. “Love Into The Light” sounds especially revealing now, considering all of the pop star’s tragic legal battle with her record label.

9 / 10


If you squint, “Blind” resembles an alternate-universe version of P!nk’s “U + Ur Hand” hook—and it’s equally arresting. Animal had a bunch of stellar singles, but this very well could have been one of them.

10 / 10

Boots & Boys

The way Kesha breathes “boots… and… boys…” to open this song is darn near life-affirming. Anyone who thinks this performance is simplistic needs to look closer.


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