March 27, 2016


Kid Cudi Shares New Track 'The Frequency'

Kid Cudi is back at it with a new song "The Frequency" released via Soundcloud yesterday. The song is a return to form for Cudi, with shout-outs to women and psychedelic drugs in his signature sultry tone.

The track was produced in tandem with Mike Dean and Plain Pat, both of whom also helped with the production of Kanye West's The Life of Pablo, on which Cudi also appeared.

The track should be a welcome surprise to longtime fans of Cudi who have been waiting for him to get back to a sound like this. With a pulsing beat and space-rock sounds filling out the background, this song is closer to the Man on the Moon Kid Cudi than we have heard in some time.

In addition to his new music, Kid Cudi is also busy with other projects as well. He'll appear in Vincent N Roxxy, which is premiering next month at the Tribeca Film Festival, as a character named "Suga" and even more excitingly, has already been spotted in the studio with Kanye West post-TLOP.