March 8, 2016


Creator of 'Hamilton' Told Kanye West the Show Is a Kanye & Jay Z Allegory

Visiting BuzzFeed's unmissable podcast Another Round, Hamilton creator/lyricist/songwriter/star had a killer tale to tell about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West. You may remember that, in the slop that was the final buildup to The Life of Pablo, 'Ye was spotted attending the Broadway sensation rather than finishing/releasing the album. (Two days later, the cast won a GRAMMY for Best Musical Theater album.)

And now we've got the tale. Miranda, who plays Alexander Hamilton in the hip-hop–ified period piece, told Another Round hosts Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton that KimYe sat in the second row, Miranda's preferred zone for fourth wall–breaking. "I just winked the hell outta Kanye, 'cause he was right in my blast zone!"

The couple went backstage during the intermission and Miranda had an interesting, razor precise interpretation of the play for Kanye:

"This whole show is about you. It's all about you, and [George] Washington's Jay Z, and you started writing for Jay Z before you struck out on your own. Like, it's all about you.' And then Kim was like, 'And the three sisters.'"

Mind blown for the second day in a row, Kim.

Here's the pic Lin-Manuel Miranda and Kanye snapped together:

Listen to the latest Back of the Class podcast, where the hosts talk Hamilton at the 6:40-mark: